• To render a distinguished and an uninterrupted service to vessels that transit the Suez Canal; a service that achieves the highest level of security and safety for vessels during their transit.
  • To keep the SC the first choice for shipping companies, liners, ship owners and ship operators.
  • To raise the Suez Canal’s share of the world seaborne trade that uses the Canal.

​ Mission:

  • To ascertain that the vital role of the Suez Canal in service of the world economy and trade is established.
  • To manage and run the Suez Canal in a way that maximizes its capabilities and position.
  • To realize our customer anticipations through continuous improvement of the entire and all-level operation system.
  • To keep consultations with our customers and offer them any assistance, whenever required, in the field of sea transport, logistics, shipbuilding industry or any other field of mutual interest.
  • To upgrade performance of the Suez Canal to cope with the requirements and challenges of the present and future time as well as the international changes.


  • To draw up and execute plans that secure optimized transits for vessels.
  • To develop and maintain the Canal to be able to handle the evolution of the world trade and Fleet.
  • To provide the transiting vessels with services, towage and repairs.
  • To build ships and different marine units at the SCA’s shipyards.
  • To draw up plans and policies for the companies affiliated to the SCA. ​​