Suez Canal Authority Guide

Long Haul Service

1. Introduction​

Suez Canal Authority website provide several services for the users, and through this
manual you will be introduced to the Long Haul Service.

1.1 Target Audience

This Manual is designed to target the users of the website, to use the service of Long
Haul in Suez Canal Authority website, to request a rebate.

1.2 How this Guide is organized

This Manual will guide the user, through:

  • >Long Haul Service Process.

2. Long Haul Service

Portal User and Agent User can request Long Haul Service, to open the service
there’s two ways:

  • >Go to the main navigation menu, and hover over Services, a list will drop
    select Long Haul.

Figure 1: Long Haul Service Navigation Menu


  • >Go to the Homepage, and scroll down to Our Services section, and click
    Long Haul.

Figure 2: Our Services Homepage

2.1 Request Long Haul Service

  • 1.Open the Long Haul service page, and click Rebate Request
  • .

Figure 3: Rebate Request

  • 2.Rebate Request form will open, start adding the requested information:
    • >Add the Requester Information details according to the fields.
    • >Add the Vessel’s Particulars details according to the fields.
    • >Add the Additional Information details, according to the fields.
  • 3.After adding Step One of the Rebate Request from, click Next.

Figure 4: Rebate Request Form Step One

  • 4.Step Two of the form will appear, add the Voyage Information:
    • >Voyage Information
    • >Duration
    • >Voyage Cost

Type the Rebate percentage which you request at the “Suggested Rebate" field)

Figure 5: Add Voyage Details

  • 5.After adding the voyage information, click Save Voyage, another voyage
    information form will appear, add the other voyage details if existed, then
    click Save Voyage.

Figure 6: Add Another Voyage Details

  • 6.After adding the voyages’ details select the ship Direction, and type the
    Principal Information, then select the check-box I accept terms & Conditions, and click Submit, to submit your request.

Figure 7: Submit Rebate Request

  • 7.After Suez Canal Authority team will review your request and send you the response whether it’s approved or rejected.

Figure 8: Rebate Request Submission Confirmation

Note: You can update your request from My Requests, as long as the authority
team didn’t take actions.

  • 8.After receiving the authority response, go to My Tasks, and click the 3 dots
    icon, then select Details.

Figure 9: Rebate Request Task

Note: If some of the details required modification you will be requested to update
the information and submit the modification.

  • 9.The request details will open, scroll down to view the request decision. You
    will find the Rebate percentage approved by Suez Canal Authority team, at
    the Voyage Rebate Percentage area.

Figure 10: Accept Decision Request

  • 10.At the Decision area, select the radio button of the action you will take
    towards the rebate decision, a confirmation window will open, click Yes.

Figure 11: Decision Submission

  • 9.Now you have submitted your decision to the rebate, you will go to E-
    Booking service, to book your pass through the canal.

Note: Only Agent user can access the E-Booking service.

If you want to add another voyage to your request after receiving the Rebate
response from the authority, do as follows:

  • 1.Go to My Requests, and next to the request, click the 3 dots icon, and select

Figure 12: My Requests

  • 2.Rebate Request details will open, go the bottom of the page, you will find
    Actions list, select Clone Request.

Figure 13: Actions List

  • 3.Click Clone Request, and fill the new voyage request details, and click