​Marketing Policies

Philosophy of SC Tolls:

The philosophy of SC tolls is based on:
  1. Considering the earning capacity of the transiting vessel.
  2. Comparing the ship cost through the SC route with other alternative routes.
  3. Enlarging the number of potential canal transit beneficiaries as a step to increase the canal revenues.
  4. Sharing part of the saving achieved by transiting vessel.
  5. Giving due consideration to market condition and economic variants.
  6. Considering the vessel type and size, loading condition and cargo type.
  7. Maintaining the application of non-discriminatory measures.

Flexible Pricing Policies:

SCA adopted a flexible marketing policies so as to encourage vessels to use the SC and to attract new customers, such as:
  1. Long Haul Rebate System.
  2. Tolls Permanent Reductions.
  3. Cargo Incentive Rebate Policy.
  4. Co-operation with SUMED pipeline.
  5. Time Saving Service.​​

Toll Rebates

​​​1- Long Haul Rebate System (Circular 4/ 2013)

  • In April 1987, SCA adopted flexible marketing policies so as to encourage vessels to use the Suez Canal and to attract new customers.
  • Reduction to Long Haul vessels that don’t use the SC, as the Canal tolls exceed the savings that could be achieved when using other routes.
  • This reduction had been decided case by case after studying the total costs for such vessel via SC and the alternative routes.
  • A fax to the attention of director of Planning Research Dept. before sailing date by 48 hours at least attached with the rebate required form.
  • S.C. Tolls without any reduction to be submitted before transiting by your agent.
  • The granted rebate will be realized upon receiving the following documents.

​Docu​ments Required:​

The original documents need to be received by Suez Canal Authority not later than six months after transit. Otherwise, the rebate granted will be cancelled.

  1. For the above documents, signature and stamp in original by Port Authority or Customs Office are required.
  2. Bill of lading and cargo manifest is required (if any).

Rebate Conditions:

  1. The validity of reduction is 70 days from the first date of SCA response to the rebate request. However, when the 70 days are over no rebate is to be enjoyed. Therefore if this duration ( 70 days ) may be exceeded a new rebate request form shall be submitted to SCA to restudy the case provided that the request is received by SCA before the sailing date .
  2. Should the vessel, for any reason, change load or discharge port from those stated in the original Bill of Lading or manifest, a revised calculation is to be presented to the S.C.A. showing the new reduction required. New documentation is to be presented accordingly.

2- Toll Payment Reductions

  • Exemption of ships Transit the Suez Canal for Repair or maintenance in the SCA Shipyards or its affiliated companies from transit fees. ( Circular 5 / 2011)
  • 25 % on SC tolls for LNG Carriers. ( Circular 2 / 2015) 
  • 50 % on SC tolls for Cruise Vessels and calling on Egyptian ports at the Red Sea or Med. Sea. ( Circular 1 / 2002  &  Periodical 9-3-2015)

3- Cargo Incentive Rebate Policy: ( Circular 3/2011 )

Further rebates to LNG Carriers transiting SC as follows:
  • 5 % on SC tolls for quantities exceed 1 million Ton up to 3 million Ton.​
  • 10 % on SC tolls for quantities exceed 3 million Ton up to 5 million Ton.
  • 15 % on SC tolls for quantities exceeds 5 millionTon.​

4- Co-operation with SUMED pipeline:(Circular5/2004 & Circular2/2013)

  • SCA allowed super tankers to transit SC partially loaded after lightering part of their cargo through SUMED pipeline.
  • Tolls of USD 0.63 shall be levied on each metric ton of crude oil cargo.
  • Crude oil cargo carried by the tanker shall be calculated by deducting the volume discharged at SUMED from the total cargo indicated in the cargo manifest and the bill of lading.
  • The minimum transit dues for a laden northbound trip are US$ 130000.
  • VLCCs (loaded in Algeria and in Mediterranean ports west of Algeria, as well as the North Sea and North West Europe) that lightering part of their cargos into medium size tankers at Sidi Krair, whereby the two tankers can transit the Suez Canal southbound .
  • A charge of US$ 0.70 per each ton of crude oil on both tankers ( the VLCC and the lighter vessel ) shall be levied, with a minimum charge of US$ 200.000 for the trip when the World Scale Rate for the VLCC contract is 35 points or less .
  • If the World Scale Rate is above 35 points the transit dues shall be increased by an extra US$ 0.05 ( five cents ) for each ton of crude oil against each extra point .
  • Charges for escort tugboats and other charges shall be applied as per the Suez Canal Rules of Navigation and relevant circulars.
  • The lighter vessel shall be exempted from transit dues on its northbound return trip provided it is Ballast and the return trip is made right after the discharge operation at Sukhna Port and within ten days of its loaded trip. 

5- Time Saving Service: ( Circular 5 / 2015 )

  • Reducing the waiting time for vessels that arrive after the convoy dead-time limit by allowing them to transit against extra charges
  • To See Details See Circular No. 5/2015​​